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By Scott Alarik
This 416 page book documents the modern folk world like no other book on the market today. Written by Scott Alarik, the folk music writer for the Boston Globe and a folk correspondent for National Public Radio. Scott's words are matched with photojournalist Robert Corwin's photos to document the modern folk world of today.

As the mainstream music industry is in historic decline, the small sub-stream of folk music is thriving as never before. Why? This book creates an intimate portrait of the modern folk world with interviews and photos of over 120 of its biggest artists and revealing backstage stories with labels, managers and promoters of this vibrant grassroots world.

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Featured CDs
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The Way We Live
Maria Sangiolo has a knack of capturing slices of her life in northeastern Connecticut in song. You'll hear it in "The Last Green Valley" and "Ginny's Garden" from this self-produced CD. Her "25 Missions" is a moving tribute to her father's World War II experiences as a member of a bomber crew. Click on the album cover to visit Maria's web site.

Nos Sadwrn Bach (Not Yet Saturday)
In Wales, Wednesday nights are often known as "little Saturday nights" because that's when musicians get together for a mid-week session. Fronted by renowned harpist Robin Huw Bowen, this all-instrumental CD includes 11 titles that are a linguistic nightmare for an English speaker, but a delight for your ears. Click on the album cover to visit the Crasdant web site.
Vermont's Diane Zeigler has captured six national songwriting awards, and it's easy to see why just by listening to this CD. Her "songs are full of life, knowledge and alarming depth" according to the Boston Globe. Listen for her originals "Ride That Rail" and "Indian Paintbrush", her soulful cover of Dave Carter's "Gentle Soldier of My Soul", and her feisty reinterpretation of the folk classic "Wild Mountain Thyme." Click on the CD cover to visit Diane's web site.
Dog Man Don't Cat Man Do
Canada's Danny Bakan (pronounce it "back-in") is an actor, composer for the theater, and a darn fine clawhammer style banjo picker. Produced by Bill Garrett, this CD features Danny backed by some of Canada's best folk musicians including Tom Leighton, Oliver Schroer and Chris Whiteley. Listen here for the traditionally-inspired "Dance", the deadpan "I Did My Laundry on Saturday Night", and a modern-day pirate tale called "Jackeye". Click on the CD cover to visit Danny's Web site.
As the daughter of a Baptist preacher from Sledge, Mississippi, Kate grew up in the core of the civil rights movement. Those experiences indelibly shaped her heart, character and convictions. Her music reflects the influence of smoky soul, R&B, Southern rock and folk music. On Monuments, Kate's musical vision combines and extends these influences into a sound that is both rootsy and contemporary. Click the CD cover to visit Kate's web site.

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